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It's really helpful to have these decisions written down so there's no confusion.

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Gill's story

“There are still a lot of people who refuse to discuss death” says Gill, aged sixty, who volunteers at OPAL’s coffee afternoon. “But my friends and I do, we often chat about it when we get together. It’s a conversation everyone needs to have.”

Personal circumstances meant that Gill was glad that she’d been able to talk about it with her Mum, who always used to say “If anything happens to me, I don’t want to be resuscitated.” Gill helped her Mum set up a living will to avoid family arguments if those circumstances arose. Gill also set up an Advanced Decision for herself as she wouldn’t want to end up in an unresponsive state in hospital following an accident or severe trauma. “It’s really helpful to have these decisions written down so there’s no confusion in the family or for the medical staff as to what you want.”

Sorting out the Advanced Decision is just one part of Gill’s forward planning; she is also a registered organ donor, has made a will and has made her family aware of her wishes regarding a Funeral. “I’ve told my brother what I want” she said jokingly, “Just dig a hole and throw me in, don’t spend thousands.”

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